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Exam2Facts - You own a burger/beer joint in a dimly-lit...

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You own a burger/beer joint in a dimly-lit area on the outskirts of town. One day, two incidents occurred that resulted in negligence suits against you. A customer, Joe, broke his leg when he slipped in a beer spill left on the floor when a customer jostled his mug while leaving. Another customer, Sam, was mugged in the parking lot and suffered several broken bones. The United Football League has a contract to buy uniforms from Smith that expires on 12/31/11. In late 2011, Jones Co. sent promotional literature advertising its equipment and several emails to UFL officials offering to meet with them to discuss a contract. A meeting occurred in November, 2011, and the UFL signed a contract, to begin 2/1/12, to buy uniforms from Jones. For their 38 th anniversary, Jon bought his wife a shiny new widget. When she took it into her office and plugged it in, it exploded, resulting in burns. After a hostile break-up with Baker, who you dated for six months, you posted on Facebook: “Baker has the morals of a pig.” A few days later Baker demands that you remove the comment.
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