Final - Cheat Sheet ALL ALPHA

Final - Cheat Sheet ALL ALPHA - Absolute comparisons -...

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Unformatted text preview: Absolute comparisons - which each decision criterion is compared to a standard or ranked on its own merits Achievement-oriented leadership - setting chal enging goals, having high expectations of employees, and displaying confidence that employees wil put forth high effort Acquisition - purchase of one company by another Acquisition costs - the cost of obtaining data that you dont have Action plan - lists the specific steps, how (steps), who (people), what (Resources), when (time) for accomplishing a goal Active listening- means assuming half the responsibility for successful communication by actively giving the speaker nonjudgmental feedback that shows youve accurately heard Adverse impact- unintentional discrimination Advocacy groups - groups of concerned citizens who band together to try to influence the business practices of specific industries, businesses, and professions Affectivity- the stable tendency to experience positive or negative moods and to react to things in a general y positive or negative way Affirmative action - steps taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities and women Age discrimination- treating differently because of age Agreeableness - degree to which someone is cooperative, polite, flexible, forgiving, good-natured, tolerant, and trusting Analyzers - half defender/prospector, they seek moderate, steady growth and limited opportunities for fast growth Adaptive Strategies Assemble-to-order- a manufacturing operation that divides manufacturing processes into separate parts or modules that are combined to create semi-customized products Assessment centers- series of job-specific simulations that are graded by multiple trained observers to determine applicants ability to perform managerial work Association or affinity patterns - when two or more database elements tend to occur together in a significant way Attack - a competitive move designed to reduce a rivals market share Attribution theory- we have al the basic needs to understand and explain the cause of other peoples behaviors A-Type conflict - (affective conflict) refers to the emotional reaction that can occur when disagreements become personal rather than professional Authentication - making sure users are who they claim to be Authoritarianism - the extent to which an individual believes there should be power and status differences within an organization Authorization - granting authenticated users approved access to data, software, and systems Autonomy- degree to which workers have the discretion, freedom, and independence to decide how and when to accomplish tasks Autonomy- degree which gives workers the freedom and independence to decided how an when to accomplish the job Average aggregate inventory - average overal inventory during a particular time period Awareness Training- designed to raise employee awareness of diversity issues and to chal enge the underlying stereotypes Background checks- used to verify truthfulness and accuracy of information that applicants provide about...
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Final - Cheat Sheet ALL ALPHA - Absolute comparisons -...

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