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Management Review - Management Review Chap#1 Management...

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Unformatted text preview: Management Review Chap #1 Management- Getting work done through others with Efficiency and effectiveness Functions- • Planning- Involves determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them • Organizing- deciding where decisions will be made, who will do what jobs and tasks • Leading- Inspiring and motivating workers • Controlling- monitoring progress and taking corrective action when progress isn’t being made Meta analysis- a study that estimates how well management theories work Kinds of managers- 1. Top Managers- (chief officer, CEO,COO) are responsible for the overall direction of the organization a. Creating context for change b. Developing employees commitment or buy-in c. Create positive organizational culture d. Monitoring their business environments 2. Middle Managers- (plant manger or regional manager) a. Responsible for setting objectives consistent with top management goals b. Plan and allocate resources to meet objectives c. Monitor and manage subunits who report to them d. Implement changes or strategies generated by top managers 3. First-Line Managers- (office manager or shit supervisor) a. Manage the performance of entry level employees b. Encourage, monitor, and reward the performance of their workers c. Teach entry-level positions how to do their jobs d. Make schedules and plans based on middle managers middle range planning e. Looks 7-10 days ahead for hiring needs 4. Team Leaders (Team contact or leader)- New position developed as companies shifted to self-managing teams a. Facilitating team activities toward accomplishing a goal b. Not responsible for team performance/ the team is c. Help team members plan work and solve problems 3 Major Roles 1. Interpersonal Roles a. Figurehead- greeting company visitors, speaking at the opening of a new facility or representing the company at a luncheon (Fly’s into opening of new facility) b. Leader- motivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational objectives (Walks into office with cash bonus in hand for employees) c. Liaison- dealing with people outside their units (Goes on sales calls, markets to potential customers) 2. Informational a. Monitor- scan environment for info, contact others for info (Reading Wall-Street journal) b. Disseminator- share info they have collected inside organization (Managers sit down with employees to review pamphlet outlining goals) c. Spokesperson- share information with people Outside the company (CEO explaining decisions to public) 3. Decisional a. Entrepreneur- adapt themselves and units to change (Leader institutes change to improving entire system) b. Disturbance handler- respond to pressures and problems so they demand immediate attention and action (CEO tells employees to help out during hurricane Katrina) c. Resource Allocator- decides who will get what resources and how many of those they will get (During recession managers made sure that they cut spending but not Research and Development)...
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Management Review - Management Review Chap#1 Management...

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