Transition to paraenthood

Transition to paraenthood - Ecological Theory of...

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Ecological Theory of Development slides Family Systems Theory Examples: Mothers postpartum depression impacts all parts of the family system Parental conflict and child’s misbehaviors could be related Newborn baby cries all the time raises the stress of the parent With the addition of a new child the family is qualitatively changed Transition to Parenthood Slides Slide 3 Person or family adopts a child - single man or woman -gay or lesbian couple -Heterosexual couple cohabitating/married Slide 4 About 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned If planned…important questions to consider - Why do i/we want a baby - Is my/our relationship strong right no? - How will having a baby affect my/our life plan and goals - Do i/e want the responsibility of a child relying on me 24/7 - Can i/we afford a child Slide 5 Before getting pregnant - Talk with your health care provider - Develop a healthy lifestyle - Take prenatal vitamins educate yourself about pregnancy - Think about genetic counseling After getting pregnant -choose an obgyn -Decide here to have the baby -Review health insurance policy -Review leave benefits at work -Out together a new family budget -Continue to educate yourself about pregnancy Slide 6 Trimesters:3 periods of the pregnancy, 3months each - 1 st trimester: fatigue, breast swelling, frequent urination, morning sickness - 2 nd trimester: fatigue and nausea disappear, first fetal movements, bulging abdomen - 3 rd trimester: pressure on organs, back pain, discomfort from fetal kicking Slide 7 Support for partner - Nutrition, exercise, emotional Attend doctor’s visits Sympathy carvings/pains: “couvade” Feelings of anxiety, excitement, guilt, jealousy
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Attend birthing classes Slide 8 May be included in the cost… - Fertility treatment - General prenatal care - Delivery - Blood and urine tests - Ultrasounds (usually will have 1-3)
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Transition to paraenthood - Ecological Theory of...

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