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The Impact of HRM The first area I selected was “Recruitment and Selection” and I liked the suggestions that Amy Jones made in her response. She was completely right when she voiced that recruiting the right person for a selected job can be a difficult task. She suggested using a website that caters to the unemployed such as monster.com. Using these types of websites is a fantastic resource that employers have in the present job market. The website allows them to weed out unwanted applicants and select applicants who have the needed background to fill certain positions within their companies. These websites allow employers to pick people from a list of candidates in line with the rules and SOP’s, employers can pool the qualified applicants and set up times for interviews and the correct selections are chosen from those few employees. Amy also suggested that Job Fairs and visiting schools are a good ways to find potential employees. The luxury of the Internet has not always been available for everyone to use. Job Fairs are an exceptional way to
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Unformatted text preview: recruit potential employees for a company. If a company can acquire a college student fresh out of college the company can take them and train the student in the ways of the company and how the job is to be done without the influence of other positions the potential employee may have worked before. The other area I chose was “Performance Appraisal” because I liked the suggestions that Carol Banks gave for this area. Carol suggested when giving a performance appraisal or review to give the employee the things he or she needs to work on first in the conversation and ending with things the employee does well. I would agree that ending the meeting on a good note always offsets the bad points a manager needs to say in these types of meetings. The only thing I would change in this suggestion would be to say something about the employee that he or she does well before the meeting as well so that the meeting can start and end on a good note....
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