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DA4004 Eisenhower Politics Wk 2 checkpoint

DA4004 Eisenhower Politics Wk 2 checkpoint - Republicanism...

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Eisenhower’s Politics Week Checkpoint Considered a modern Republican because of his consensus measures in politics, Eisenhower accepted views, ideas, and solutions from different political parties. Eisenhower agreed on such ideas to increase Social Security, Unemployment insurance, and minimum wage. Although he was a conservative when it came to government spending, he also accepted a small public housing program and a federally supported medical insurance for the needy. Several of Eisenhower’s approaches were a success, except for his farm policies, where the effects of modern technology made it impossible to regulate agricultural production. Eisenhower also supported other pragmatic areas like the Highway Act and the St. Lawrence Seaway Act. Eisenhower had to woo the Democratic voters to make Republicanism a success. Of course,
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Unformatted text preview: Republicanism did not last beyond Eisenhower’s time in office. Eisenhower did reject more liberal proposes on housing and universal health care through the Social Security program because he was uncomfortable with “Big Government”. Politics of consensus was a general agreement on a consultative style of government that President Eisenhower used. Eisenhower was in favor of moderate Republicanism and would resist the demands of conservatives to dismantle the New Deal. He also resisted the Liberals pushing to extend the New Deal. Corporations advertised cultural consensus in the 1950s because prosperity was considered a reflection of an “American way of Life” in corporate America. Not all Americans were convinced of these virtues. They were unsure of the consensus and business leadership....
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