DA4004 Kennedy and the New Deal Wk 3 Checkpoint

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Kennedy and the New Deal Week 3 Checkpoint President Kennedy and his advisors did not have a broad vision of reform. They favored taking problems one by one. Kennedy hoped to boost the economy through the New Frontier program. He wanted to provide better social welfare programs, international aid, and national defense. However, it seemed like his main goal was to boost the space program. Many are convinced today that he wanted the United States to be the first to land on the moon, for this reason wanted to increase expenditures on defense and money for the new space program. He also wanted to increase federal aid for education, increase social security benefits and increase
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Unformatted text preview: governmental benefits to more Americans. Kennedy also wanted to establish Medicare benefits and increase minimum wage. He pushed for better civil rights, fought for help with poverty, and fought for reduced taxes. Most of the changes Kennedy hoped to accomplish; however, were rejected by Congress. The world will never know what Kennedy could have accomplished during his presidency, one because his life was cut short, but two because so many were against what he was trying to accomplish....
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