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McCarthyism Week 1 Check Point McCarthy surely opened a can of worms when he claimed he had a list with the names of Communist in the State Department, even though he could not come up with an accurate number of people he had on that list. “The list, when examined, contained names of people who had left the State Department long before or who had been cleared by the FBI” (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007). McCarthyism did not sit well; it was a feeble attempt by McCarthy, Truman, and the Democrats to exploit the anti-communist mood. “They played on the fears and hatred of traditional conservatives, Catholic leaders, and neoisolations, who distrusted anything, foreign, liberal, or intellectual” (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007). Most of the conservatives felt as though McCarthy and his followers were witch hunters and protectors of a defined but deeply
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Unformatted text preview: felt spirit of Americanism. By the time Truman had resigned as President things were way out of control. Teachers were required to take loyalty oaths, Government loyalty boards were established and asking employees what newspapers they subscribed to, what records the were buying, and movies were being banned from being “too leftish”. I feel that McCarthyism was very inappropriate for the time, because it just caused hysteria. It was mostly based on lies and only caused politicians to advance in their careers. There already existed an air of fear about anti-communism and McCarthyism only added fuel to that flame. Not only did it cause fear, but racism and discrimination and based on those two factor’s alone made McCarthyism wrong on all levels....
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