DA4004 Nixon's Foreign Policies Wk 5 Checkpoint

DA4004 Nixon's - competition between the U.S and Russia to be the best and the first at everything they did termed “Super Powers” because it

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Nixon’s Policies Nixon accomplished reopening direct communications with China in 1972. He also ended a 21- year lapse in relations with the Soviet Union. That trip yielded a U.S. – Soviet strategic arms limitations agreement, a bilateral trade accord, and a joint scientific and space cooperation. There is a big difference between Nixon’s policies and those used during the first part of the Cold War. During the first part of the Cold War foreign policies were hostile and there was a silent
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Unformatted text preview: competition between the U.S. and Russia to be the best and the first at everything they did, termed “Super Powers” because it was believed they held more power than other countries. Nixon’s policies were the opposite they were completely diplomatic. He wanted to end the wars that were going on during this time. For this reason his policies become the center of the Cold War. Eventually his policy of détente is what finally ended the Cold War....
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