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DA4004 Reagan's Economics Wk 7 Checkpoint

DA4004 Reagan's Economics Wk 7 Checkpoint - Reagan was able...

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Running head: REAGAN'S ECONOMICS 1 Reagan's Economics Donna Kelly Alcorn HIS/135 The American Experience Since 1945 June 2, 2011 Larry Hays
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REAGAN'S ECONOMICS 2 Reagan's Economics In many ways Reagan’s policies reflected conservative politics and contributed to the stimulation of the American economy. Reagan made weakening big government one of his main goals and his budget was an instrument in reducing bureaucracy. However, undermining activist federal agencies in areas of civil rights, environmental and consumer protection, poverty programs, the arts, and education were a part of his agenda as president. Regan was also involved with the Economic Recovery Tax Act in 1981, which cut all taxes by 25 percent, and reduced top income tax rates from 75 percent down to 50 percent. This act led to the longest uninterrupted period of expansion since keeping records in the United States history. President
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Unformatted text preview: Reagan was able to inflate the DOD budget that would make the United States financially ready should there be a war against the United States. Reagan also wanted to make sure that America had a military presence in the world and could act unilaterally anywhere in the world as well. He wanted to make sure the American people were fully protected against any threats nuclear or otherwise. By the time his second term was coming to an end Reagan had been successful in changing many things. Some of those changes were good changes that are still evident in our government today, but some not so good that some of his predecessors would have to deal with during their terms as president. All in all President Reagan was a good man, but I think the good in him hindered him sometimes on making the hard decisions that a president needs to make....
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DA4004 Reagan's Economics Wk 7 Checkpoint - Reagan was able...

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