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DA4004 Capstone Check Point Week 9

DA4004 Capstone Check Point Week 9 - and nutrition habits...

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Capstone Check Point Week 9 Reflections on Nutrition My favorite assignment was in Week 3 “Fiber Research”, because I learned that high fiber foods can control glycemic control in diabetics and can reduce the risk of insulin resistance. Because I am a diabetic this was very important information for me to obtain. Since finding this information I have introduce more fiber not only into my diet but my family’s diet as well. From this assignment I also learned that a fiber rich diet can also aid in lowering blood pressure. The assignment gave me some great information that has affected my life in terms of overall health
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Unformatted text preview: and nutrition habits. Fiber is important for overall health and gives you the feeling of being full which aids in weight loss. This change in my diet has allowed me to keep my A1C less than 7 and I have been able to shed a few pounds in the process and kept my blood pressure at a good level. I obtained the most information from this one assignment than any of the rest. However; all of the assignments were enjoyable and very educational. I learn so much about how to change my diet to make me healthier. I also came to the realization on how important physical activity is an important part of a healthy life-style....
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