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From: BSU Sustainability Club Subject: New Recycling Policy Are You Tired of Recycling Confusion? Attention students, faculty and staff: A system of no-sort recycling will be effective March 1, 2012. Previously, recycling could be difficult to sort and even harder to locate. However, Boise State along with Allied Waste has taken the initiative to make recycling more convenient; this will make our impact on the rest of the world a positive one by promoting a more efficient and accessible recycling system. How Does This Affect You? When effective, all students, faculty, and staff will have the option to toss all recyclables
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Unformatted text preview: into any labeled recycling bin on campus (excluding glass). These bins will be conveniently located on every floor of all instructional buildings along with any high-traffic areas. With continued support from Boise State, Allied Waste, and yourself we can make recycling easier and more effective. This means there is no more confusion or delay for you – simply toss and go! *Please contact [email protected] for any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks, Kyra Stone BSU Sustainability Club President...
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