persuasion - 1. Maureens responsibilities are to assure...

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1. Maureen’s responsibilities are to assure that the product is supplied as promised (a refurbished hard-drive with no information on it) to the company’s customers who are purchasing the product. 2. Everyone will ultimately be affected by Maureen’s decision. Since the problem has been going on for almost six months and no one has complained – I would say that the biggest stakeholder is the company. As there have been lots of budget cuts, the $5 million project will ultimately take a toll on everyone in the company – especially those whose jobs are in potential danger of being let go. However, those whose information is still on the hard drive is also at a great risk. There may be personal information which could lead to identity theft of that person or other people (i.e. if the owner has children, a spouse, close family, etc.). Furthermore, it is more than likely that other personal information such as bank statements may be saved allowing others to access the bank accounts of the original owner. 3. Maureen’s first option is to simply go along with her colleagues and pretend as if the problem does not exist since none of the customers have complained even though the problem has possibly existed for about six months. Her second option is to tell her supervisor/ boss. Although it may be harder to tell him – maybe in fear of being let go or getting the rest of her colleague is trouble – it is ultimately what the customer deserves. It is not her choice whether or not to ultimately fix the problem as it is not her company and it is not her goodwill and identity at risk. 4. Maureen should tell her supervisor or boss as this is his/her final decision to make and not Maureen’s. As this is a very touchy subject, Maureen should ask her supervisor to meet privately – either in a very public place such as a café, or set up a private appointment. As
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persuasion - 1. Maureens responsibilities are to assure...

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