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The Evolution of Cheerleading Kyra Stone October 1, 2011 English 102, Scott Overall I felt that this project was fairly easy and fun especially since we were able to choose our own topics. Being able to choose our own topics made the project seem a lot less painful since it was most likely something that we are interested in. I wanted to interview a woman who is currently a competitive cheerleading coach in Reno and who has also coached in Oregon. Her daughter is also striving for a spot on the University of Louisville team (even though she is only in sixth grade) but is much farther ahead than the rest of her peers are. I felt
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Unformatted text preview: that this would be a good interview as the entire family has a lot of experience with cheerleading, however the interview fell through and I was disappointed that I did not get to hear her opinion on STUNT. It was also near impossible to find any printed sources about cheerleading but I was glad that I found a few videos (thanks to the fact that STUNT is grabbing people’s attention). It has been interesting to watch cheerleading grow in so many different ways even from when I first began in fifth grade....
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