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dane interview - Interview with Dane Miller How is Istanbul...

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Interview with Dane Miller How is Istanbul different from the rest of Turkey? Istanbul is much more "Westernized" than much of Turkey. When speaking of Turkey, there are some generalities that are often made. Cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir tend to be much more Western and Cosmopolitan/European oriented. When you move East of Ankara you notice a marked shift. This shift involves changes both large and small. For instance, the further East you go, the more women you will see in headscarves and the more supporters of AKP (the ruling center-right party) you will find as a percentage of the population. The East tends to be more conservatively religious. Family sizes increase. Women are more likely to stay at home. Men and women are less likely to mingle publicly (most restaurants have upper floors or back sections that are considered 'family appropriate' i.e. women cannot be seen from the street windows. The social mores are more conservative. Traditions are more strictly held (like getting up for the elderly or for women in headscarves in a crowded dolmush.) People drink less publicly (although privately some may drink as much or more than their Istanbul counterparts.) A small, but distinct difference is that you will find more traditional style toilets in the East (i.e. the hole in the floor, but that is not to say they are not modern. It is modern plumbing, just a different take). I lived in the most conservative part of the country, so my views may be a little colored, but it does seem like there is an East/West divide going on within Turkey (not to mention the whole separate culture of the Kurds in the SE). That said, Istanbul has a little bit of everything. When you move past the city core where the
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dane interview - Interview with Dane Miller How is Istanbul...

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