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hackers - trade personal information of other people They...

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Kyra Stone October 7, 2011 Was It Convincing? I have to say that the speech on hacking and how it can be good in many ways was quite convincing. The speaker first started off with elements of exordium - a bizarre, attention- grabbing video of an unknown man with a distorted voice. He then explains the video by using narratio stating that this man represented “anonymous,” a group of world-wide hackers who hack into websites, programs, etc. He continued by using confirmatio providing examples and facts of where, when, and what exactly these hackers are doing. They have a website known as Carder Planet which is a “supermarket for cyber criminals” – a website where hackers can buy, sell, and
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Unformatted text preview: trade personal information of other people. They have also first recently gained a lot of attention by hacking into Fox News’ website stating that Obama was to be assassinated. The speaker began to close the speech with some infamous criminals and the dates of their capture as well as a couple things they all had in common: they were extremely good at math and sciences and they generally had Asperger’s or other diseases. It is hard to argue that hackers are actually “bad” people when they are honestly some of the smartest people alive. If they government or other agencies provided them with jobs (which could be more than useful) it would ultimately be an advantage for all....
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