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illegal organ sale

illegal organ sale - enough 2700 discarded 2009 Best...

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Kyra Stone David Scott October 15, 2011 Why We Should not Promote the Illegal Sale of Organs I. Introduction A. Five to ten percent of all kidneys transplanted annually (about 63,000) which are acquired from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. B. There are two problems a. Thousands of people die each year waiting for different organ transplants b. On the other hand, many of the organs that do save lives are illegally imported and those that are not imported illegally tend to cheat the donors out of money, knowledge of the nature of the surgery, and ignore their post-surgical needs. C. World Health Organization, Transplantation Society and the World Medical Association a. Attempt to get rid of illegal organ trafficking b. Drives corruption further or makes it show up somewhere else c. The execution of people in other countries in order to survive here due to no legal alternatives. d. 85,000 appx to receive organ transplants in the US. Most are not healthy
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Unformatted text preview: enough. 2700 discarded 2009. Best solution: Government compensation for an individual willing to give up a kidney. e. However the motivation changes, possible dangerous consequences. Poor and vulnerable in community are driven. The desire to donate after death significantly decreases and those who need lungs, hearts, and livers simply die off. Actually happening in Iran. f. Or simply organ donation after death. D. It is the fight for survival. II. Philippines is one of the top five organ trafficking nations in the world. World Health Organisation. Also China, Pakistan, Egypt, and Columbia. a. 2002 New kidney transplant policy from living donors. 2007 – recruiting adults and offering them large sums of money for the sale and removal o their kidneys. It was about 7500 dollars per kidney. However after the surgery the patients received less than half of the money promised....
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