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Bibliography Chapman, Jeremy and Sally Satel. "Is it ever right to buy or sell human organs?." New Internationalist 436 (2010): 3638. Academic Search Premier . EBSCO. Web. 18 Oct. 2011. L. F. Ross, et al. "How Different Conceptions Of Risk Are Used In The Organ Market Debate." American Journal of Transplantation 10.4 (2010): 931-937. Academic Search Premier . Web. 18 Oct. 2011. Meyer, Silke. "Trafficking in Human Organs in Europe: A Myth or an Actual Threat?." 14.2 (2006): 208-229. Academic Search Premier . EBSCO. Web. 19 Oct. 2011.
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Unformatted text preview: Satz, Debra. "XIV—The Moral Limits of Markets: The Case of Human Kidneys." Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (Paperback) 108.1pt3 (2008): 269-288. Academic Search Premier . EBSCO. Web. 19 Oct. 2011. Scheper-Hughes, Nancy. “Keeping an eye on the global traffic in human organs.” The Lancet 2003. . Web. 18 Oct. 2011. Yea, Sallie. "Human Trafficking - A Geographical Perspective." Geodate 23.3 (2010): 2-6. Academic Search Premier . EBSCO. Web. 19 Oct. 2011....
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