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Interview with Pelin Altinpark How is Istanbul different from the rest of Turkey? I can’t generalize “Turkey vs the rest of the world” completely; because I haven’t been all around the world yet :). But according to my experiences till now, I can tell how hospitality, relations, family understanding, public transportation, social life, businesses, Turkish cuisine are different from the other countries. What's your favorite part about living in Istanbul? I think the coolest part about Istanbul is being a bridge between two sides which is Asian and European side. And I can tell how sea makes you feel better because it takes your stress away. How is the European side different from the Asian side?
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Unformatted text preview: I think both sides are enjoyable but if you wanna have a relax day you can hang at the Asian side and still have fun. But like going out in the night to clubs I’d recommend you the European side! :) What's the best age to live in Istanbul? I think living in Istanbul is the best no matter how old you are :) but so far I always enjoyed living here :) Have you ever lived on the Asian side? And if so for how long? I haven’t. But I have friends living there. But it is kind of funny for us how foreigners understand these two sides totally different from each other. Because there is actually not that much difference :)...
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