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I do agree with the fact that terrorism is an act against globalization and that countries who do trade with one another and are very interdependent are less likely to have any sort of issues. I have noticed that people who have less experience and are more sheltered tend to have more radical ideas (usually). These people are more likely to be influenced by others and most heavily the media as they do not have any experience for themselves. For example, one place I have been very excited about visiting was Turkey. I finally spent last summer in Turkey living with a native family, learning the language, and doing as Turks do! However, many people did not feel the same excitement that I did - instead, one of the first questions that I
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Unformatted text preview: was most frequently asked was if it was going to be safe or if I was going to be captured by terrorists. For this reason, it is quite apparent that most people are far too influenced by the media. Yes, Turkey is an Islamic country and no, not all people (or many at all for that matter) are terrorists or even very violent. By traveling and expanding our view of different cultures and vice versa, it makes it easier for everyone to see that the stereotypes are not all true. I do believe that representatives should have foreign policy experience as they will know how to connect with more people and relate more effectively. With experience with different cultures, stereotypes are broken down and bonds are made....
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