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Russia demographics

Russia demographics - populated in the world Most dense...

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Population was at a peak in 1991 (about 148.5 million) just before the break up of the Soviet Union. Decline at about .5% annual rate or about 750,000Decade long decline due to rising death rates and falling birth rates and in 2009 had population growth of 23,300 for the first time in fifteen years. In 2011 the pop of Russia grew by 160,000 people totaling more than 143 million. seems to be at a slow decrease as of 2010 (142 million last recorded). And about 143 million estimate as of 2012. Ethnicities: 81% of pop is ethnic Russians. 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous people live within the borders Six other ethnicities have a pop exceeding 1 million: Tatars 3.9% Ukrainians 1.4% Bashkir 1.1% Chuvash 1% Chechens 1% Armenians .9% However, in 2010 census 6 million did not declare an ethnicity compared to the one million of the 2002 census. Population density: 8.4 people per square kilo or 22 per square mile – one of the most sparsely
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Unformatted text preview: populated in the world. Most dense around Moscow and St. Petersburg and 74% is urban. There is a constant flow of immigration with close to 300,000 legal immigrants entering every year where half are ethnic Russians from other republics of the Soviet Union. 73% of the Russian population is Orthodax, 6% Muslim. Fertility rates: 1990 just before the dissolution of the Soviet Union was 1.89 but began declining in the late 80’s due to progression, rapid & negative changes in society following the collapse greatly influenced the rate of decline. TFR all time low in 1999 at 1.16 and has since begun to rise reaching 1.59 in 2010 74% urban, 26% rural .15% growth rate Median Age: 38.8 total/ male 36.1/ female 41.1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Russia...
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