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Lakefield Public Library Information Technology Department LIBRARY TO LAUNCH NEW WEB SITE After much strategizing and collaboration, Lakefield Public Library’s new Web site will be launched next Monday. After evaluating feedback from library employees and patrons, we designed a Web site that is easy to use, attractive, and full of information. The Web site is now much more accessible to all users, including those with visual and hearing impairments. There is also a special section just for children, with learning games and resources tailored to young people. The Events Calendar can be searched by specific dates, subjects, or intended age groups. Participants can even register for classes online. There is a section where patrons can bookmark events and classes that are of interest and request that a reminder be sent prior to the date.
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Unformatted text preview: Individual library patron pages have been vastly improved. Library members can access account information, including materials that are checked out, on hold, or overdue. Items can also be renewed online. A simplified search engine allows patrons to easily locate materials. There’s also a section for creating a reading list and recording when books have been read. Meetings to demonstrate the new Web site features will be held this week as indicated below. The IT Department urges you to attend one of these meetings so you can be trained in navigating the Web site and answer questions from patrons as they use the redesigned site. Location Day Time Main Library Wednesda y 2 p.m. East Branch Thursday 9 a.m. West Branch Friday 3 p.m....
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