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I was looking at the new job postings on the Madison Staffing Services Web cite today, and I saw the description for the Help Desk Technician position. I read the job description and the qualifications that the business requires, and I feel that I am exactly the correct person for this job. The job notice suggested that the company would like to fill this position very quickly. As you requested on the Web site, I am faxing both my resume and this cover letter. I will send a printed
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Unformatted text preview: copy, and can also send the resume in PDF format if that would be more convenient. The job description had several very specific requirements. I would like to point out my qualifications in a few of the specified areas: I currently live in Kenosha, but wouild be willing to relocate. I could be available to start work in as few as two weeks. The job description do not specify exactly where this company does business. Sincerely, Marilynn Long...
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