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Memphis Primary Materials Volume 1, Number 4 April 2016 R ESEARCH ON E NVIRONMENTAL E CONOMICS The Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP) conducts research on the impact of environmental issues on local economies and on a global scale. The program brings together “faculty and graduate students engaged in research, teaching, and outreach in environmental and natural resource economics and related public policy.” Harvard Faculty Fellows collaborate with a broad range of experts in industry, universities, government, and private think tanks to provide up-to-date research on topics in environmental economics. Research topics include global climate change, costs and benefits of environmental protection, political implications of environmental policy, corporate social responsibility, natural resource economics, environmental employment, and energy policy. Many of these issues are directly related to the businesses in and around the Memphis metropolitan area. T HE H ARD C OSTS OF P OLLUTION The Bangor Maine Daily News reports that a University of Maine Researcher has determined that the annual cost in Maine of childhood diseases caused by pollutants is $380.9 million. Maine has already adopted policies to combat the effects of pollution, such as screening children for lead, which have lowered disease rates and lowered costs. “It is clear that reducing childhood exposure to environmental pollutants would provide a
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Go_w03_Grader_EOC - Memphis Primary Materials Volume 1...

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