ECON 338 Assignment 1Winter 2012

ECON 338 Assignment 1Winter 2012 - There are three sets of...

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ECON 338 Assignment 1 Winter 2012 The assignment is to predict four quarters of Australian average milk production per cow in six ways. The data from the final year are not to be used in computing the prediction formulas: they are to be used to measure the accuracy of the forecasts, using SSE. Feel free to work in groups. The six ways are RTMA, multiple-regression additive model, KMacK for i) the raw data and ii) the logarithms of the data (preferably natural logarithms).
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Unformatted text preview: There are three sets of data that you can practice with, namely the monthly data for milk production, and the monthly and quarterly data for Australian electricity production. The practice answers will be made available. A description of The KMacK method is on WEB CT. The appendix is just there for someone who wants an idea of the algebra involved in developing the method- you are not expected to read it through....
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