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La Navidad en Mexico Posadas: 16th to the 24th reenact Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter in Bethlehem. Different house every night for a fiesta. Nacimientos: Nativity scenes rather than Christmas trees. Usually set up Dec 16 th and Jesus is added at night on Dec 24 th and the three kings are on Jan 5 th . Villancicos: Christmas carols some are familiar to English but completely different in Spanish. Nochebuena: Christmas eve and the last night of the posada. Midnight mass and then dinner. Presents aren’t often exchanged on Christmas but that is changing and Santa Claus is becoming more popular. Dia de Reyes: Jan 6 th is when children receive gifts, brought by the three wise men. Now presents on both
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Unformatted text preview: Christmas and King’s Day. Many share a Rosca de Reyes among friends and family. Sweet bread in the shape of a wreath with a miniature baby Jesus inside. Whoever frinds the baby Jesus is supposed to host the party on Feb 2 nd – usually tamales. Dia de la Candelaria: Feb 2 nd marks the end of Christmas season. People dress up their Ninos Dios and take them to the church to be blessed and eat tamales provided by whoever got the baby jesus on King’s Day. La piñata.
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