Chinese Economic proposal

Chinese Economic proposal - think about this question much...

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Gao1 Chinese Economic Yutong Gao A Proposal to Research the Advantages and Disadvantages of Raising the RMB Exchange Rate This research paper will mainly focus on the RMB exchange rate, like what advantages (disadvantage) it has when the exchange rate is raising up. This is still one of the most popular topics that have been discussed over the world. And, also, as a student who studies in U.S., the exchange rate of RMB is an important thing that may affect my life overseas which is another reason why I’m care about this change. I have read a lot of books and newspapers that aware of the RMB exchange rate and gave me some different ideas from other perspective. For instant, Wage, Exchange Rate and Trade Surplus – Rebalancing Path Selection for China’s Economy , it claims that the exchange rates should be a comprehensive embodiment of the level of economic development of one country which broadened my horizon to a bigger world. I realized I need to
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Unformatted text preview: think about this question much more systematically at the macroscopic level too, like what kind of influence and effect it made to china and the world. Ill try to figure out why RMB has raised its exchange rate first. And then, what kind of effect (good or bad) it has made in Chinese economy and the world economy will be discussed. On the other hand, in the paper, I will also Gao1 search about what we or China need to do next after the exchange rate of RMB has been raising and how should we treat this change. At the end of this paper, I may think about the relationship between RMB exchange rate and my life in United States. As I predict, this research paper should be around 5 pages. It wont explain the exchange rate of RMB in a specific way for sure, but I will try to explain my idea in these short paper....
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Chinese Economic proposal - think about this question much...

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