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lab report - Materials and Methods: the dynamometer was used in this lab for measure how many volts/sec in the response of the muscles of the arm. There are four touch head in four colors. Each of them was put on one of the forearm by following the direction of the lab manual. And after that, they will connected to the dynamometer and the tester will squeeze the bulb of the hand dynamometer as what request on the experimental procedure to measure the muscles' forces of the arms. Both dominant and non-dominant arm have to be test. - result: those peaks has showed in the graph of the dynameter are proportional to the
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Unformatted text preview: number of volts. the higher peak, the more amount of volts. Those peaks showed the change of the muscles' forces over time which is decreasing as a whole.- conclusions: as we squeezed the grip harder and harder, the total voltage didn't increase. And this is because during the time of squeezing, there is a ATP losing which lead to the decreasing of the total voltage. Since there is no way to increase energy when you keep squeezing it, you are not able to increase the total voltage response....
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