r data - R Project Final Yutong Gao I used the data "Weight...

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R Project Final Yutong Gao I used the data "Weight and percent body fat" which randomly collected from 18 men because i'm really interested in body fat. The researcher wanted to see if there was an easier way to measure percent body fat in men. Specifically, They wanted to know wether body weight was a significant predictor of percent body fat or not. The explanatory variable is weight, which is quantitative. The response variable is bodyfat in percentage, which is quantitative too. First of all, the five number summary has been found out by input "summary(fat)". Then i decided to use the mean to measure the center of data and to use the standard deviation to measure the spread of data. In result, mean(weight)=182.6 and mean(bodyfat)= 18.72 while sd(weight)=20.164681 and sd(bodyfat)= 9.028097. After calculating these, a histogram has been used to described the data because it's much more clear and easy to differentiation. From the graph, there is a obvious outliers for the bodyfat that part of the bars are separated from the main group. For the weight, in its histogram, it has three "picks" in the graph which indicated that the data are pretty much not that concentrated. Also, scatterplot showed that there is a positive association between the weight and bodyfat according to the regression line which has an upward trend. In order to find the more information about relationship between these two variables, the regression line has been calculated out by the intercept points given in R, which is Ÿ=0.3187*X-
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r data - R Project Final Yutong Gao I used the data "Weight...

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