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E4301 2/15/05 HW Set #4 M&K 1. 4.2 2. 4.9 3. 5.9 4. 5.11 5. Two p + -n abrupt junction diodes are made from silicon and are identical except that the ratio of the donor levels in the 2 diodes, N D1 / N D2 , is about 30. Sketch and compare on one set of axes the I-V characteristics of the diodes for operation at room temperature.
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Unformatted text preview: The higher doped junction must operate in the range of -85 to +85 C. Sketch the I-V curves for this diode at room temperature, 85 C and – 85 C. As the temperature is lowered even further below – 85 C, what phenomena would limit the operation of the diode? Due: 2/22/04...
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