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E4301 2/23/05 HW Set #5 1. A Si npn transistor has the following doping concentrations in cm -3 : N DE =2x10 18 , N AB = 2x10 16 and N DC = 2x10 15 . Assume thermal equilibrium and a base width of 2 um. a) Sketch the physical structure of the device (schematically), labeling each section including the concentrations, neutral and depletion regions. Also sketch the energy band diagram, properly positioning E i and E F as a function of position. b) Sketch the electric field and the charge density as a function of position inside the BJT.
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Unformatted text preview: c) Calculate the potential difference between the emitter and the collector. d) Bias the transistor into the forward active mode and repeat a). 2. M & K Problem 6.1 3. M & K Problem 6.5 4. M & K Problem 6.17 5. Given an npn BJT in which I En = 1 mA, I Ep = 0.01 mA, I Cn = 0.98 mA and I Cp = 0.1 uA a. Sketch the physical structure showing the currents. Find: b. The Base Transport Factor c. The Emitter Efficiency d. I E , I C , I B e. The Current Gain Due: 3/1/05...
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