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Final Homework: Device Min i -Research Report Select an advanced semiconductor device that interests you and write a mini research presentation on it. A list of possible devices is given below or you may suggest your own. . Devices: Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) Metal-Semiconductor FET (MESFET) Power Devices-Thyristors one of several types 1-4 Thin Film Transistor Photodetectors - PiN, avalanche or metal-semiconductor diode. Solar Cell Light emitting diode Integrated Circuit Diode Liquid crystal Display Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) IMPATT Diode MOSFET BJT-related EPROM EEPROM Floating Gate DRAM FRAM SRAM High frequency semiconductor device-including design criteria Schottky Diodes or Variable Capacitors (Varactor) Decoupling Capacitors Ion Implantation
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Advanced Lithography SOI Si-Ge Devices Strained devices You may also choose among several projects suggested in class: e. g., Ebers-Moll Model, Charge Model, Full Model, … and analyze a particular practical device and show how the model allows the choice
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Projectexamples - Final Homework Device Mini-Research...

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