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HW8 - ECE 455 Optical Electronics Homework 7 Solutions Due...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 455: Optical Electronics Homework 7 Solutions Due: Nov. 17, 2009 1 Brewster Gain Medium (a) Light polarized in the x direction experiences no loss from being transmitted through the Brewster windows. Light polarized in the y direction experiences a loss from part of the beam being reflected. In an ideal laser, the mode with the lowest loss will monopolized the gain. Hence the light will be x-polarized. (b) Nothing. The light in the cavity was already polarized in the x direction. The polarizer will absorb none of it. (c) The intensity will decrease. The polarizer forces the laser to oscillate in the y direction (any x-polarized radation would be absorbed). The loss of the cavity is increased because part of the beam will be reflected at the Brewster window. (d) Yes. Because the output of is linearly polarized, we can place a quarter wave plate outside the cavity and obtain a circularly polarized beam....
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