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Brigham Young University Economics 110 – Principles of Economics Section 1 Ref# 01567 Winter Semester 2010 Instructor: Kerk L. Phillips Office: 166 FOB Telephone: 422-5928 Office Hours: TBA 166 FOB and by appointment Lectures: TTh 1:35 – 2:50 p.m. 250 MSRB Required Texts: Mankiw, N. Gregory, Principles of Economics , 5 th ed . , Thompson Southwestern, bundled with Aplia, course key 8ZYR- 86LB-FSCN. You may purchase the Mankiw textbook bundled with Aplia one of the following ways: 1) Purchase the electronic version of the text and Aplia enrollment via the website at http://www.aplia.com, you have the option to have new hard copy version of the text delivered for an additional fee, if you want one. 2) Purchase the hard copy of the text and Aplia enrollment via the BYU bookstore. Landsburg, Steven E., The Armchair Economist: Economics and Everyday Life , The Free Press, 1993. ISBN 0029177766 Useful websites: http://econ.byu.edu/Faculty/phillips/Econ110.dhtml - my academic webpage for this course. Teaching Assistance: We will have several teaching assistants for this class and the other section. They will hold regular office hours in the Econ 110 lab in B090 JFSB. They will also be holding weekly review sessions and reviews prior to the exams. The schedules for the lab and reviews will be announced in class and posted on Blackboard. Grading will be on a curve with the following weights: Homework 15% Quizzes and Writing 15% 1 st Midterm 20% 2 nd Midterm 20% Final 30% Homework: Homework will be done online through the Aplia website. The assignments are closely linked with the chapters in the text. During Spring Term this means two to four homework assignments per week. I suggest you do the homework as soon after the topic is covered in class as you feel you can. The deadline for all homework assigned in a particular week is Saturday by 11:00 p.m. Three of your homework will consist of participation in online experiments on the Aplia website. The TAs will conduct these at several times so that everyone will have the opportunity to participate. The schedule for these experiments will be announced in class and on Blackboard. We will drop the three lowest homework scores when calculating the total. Quizzes and Writing Assignments At random intervals of approximately twice per week there will be a short quiz or writing assignment at the beginning of the lecture. These are designed to test your understanding of the reading assignment for the day, this will include readings from The Armchair Economist . Since effective written communication is a key part
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110w10syllabus - Brigham Young University Economics 110...

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