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Question for her: Is it okay that we focus on race and not technology? Do we have to use dreamweaver? Colors - dodger blue - white writing - rough colors Home - (indicates significance of Robinson and his relationship to race  and technology) - quote about/from him - picture. - Introducing each link. Baseball Importance to Americans. (Ally) Team sport with the longest history in the US and whose records and stats are well known Reflects our national values and serves as an architect of the national character. Balances freedom and fate, just as our nation does. Symbolizes democratic values as a series of balances – dramatized individualism made possible within the context of teamwork; fair play guided by the principle of taking every possible advantage of your opponent in a game that does not require that the officials extract penalties’ rigid structured, ordered game that requires improvisation and constant adaptation. From mid-1880s – mid-1940s, blacks had a separate, seen as inferior, league. o Signifies our confusion about democratic ideals that there was no freedom of athletic competition and that one’s skin color, not ability, was ones own fate. o Negro League Baseball: good or bad? Heroic achievement or inhumane perversion? o Time when baseball was just a game and not an experience. o Blacks took American baseball, and played it in a way that reflected how they saw themselves as American, in a divided world. o Part was playing baseball as “Zulus” in grass skirts and part was playing fiercely against white major leaguers o In 1931, with the onset of the Depression, the Negro National league disbanded o Men in the black community had the $, expertise, and interest to start sports franchises – starting with Gus Greenlee taking over the Pittsburgh Crawfords. “Geography is fate” – Ralph Ellison in his essay “Going to the Territory”
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o baseball was developed in cities in the northeast in the antebellum era with a New York version of the game beating the New England version o post-civil war, baseball spread to the Midwest and southwest. o Baseball was not originally a game of small towns, or drunken-rowdy, gambling crowds, but symbolically is represented the creation of the frontier and its conquest. o 1906 – nine professional black teams in a 100-mile-radius on the east coast played eachother failed to recognize the Chicago American Giants team founded by Andrew “Rube” Foster, so Foster formed the Negro National League with teams in the Midwest. Kansas City team of Negro National League was most storied. o Blacks went to Oklahoma territory to escape racist south with a sense of aspiration. The wildness of Oklahoma gave the blacks something that whites had had for a long time – the freedom to make their own fate 'Whoever would understand the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game', Jacques Barzun once wrote. 'is the very symbol, the outward and visible experience of the drive and rush and struggle of the raging, tearing,
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Compiled Notes - Questionforher:...

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