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The Biophysical Challenge

The Biophysical Challenge - few degrees or pHs we will die...

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Cardiovascular System 1: Heart The Biophysical Challenge: Diffusion is adequate only over Short Distances Diffusion of gases is similar to gravity where the rate is proportional to the square of distance. Different Species have found unique ways to solve gas and nutrient exchange challenge. Single celled Organisms are NOT “Diffusion challenged” Some multicelluar organisms use their environment to solve delivery of nutrients and removal of waste. Physiology and the Internal Environment Evolution of the Circulatory System Homeostasis: Maintenance of the constancy of the internal environment. o We have to maintain our environment so we can keep things normal. Deviate a
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Unformatted text preview: few degrees or pHs we will die. • Open vs. Closed Circulatory system: Circulating fluid, interconnecting tubes, pump (heart) • Open System: easy to maintain, but not a demanding system. • Closed system: Huge strain, but can live as a ectodermic. • Fish, rays, sharks have this single circulation system with one ventricle and one atrium. • MEMORIZE THE CHAMBERS IN THE HEART • Higher animals have evolved more complex circulatory system. Veins and atriums are distinguished by direction and not oxygenation. Note distinct pulmonary and systemic circuits. The Human Heart • Beats 72 times per minute •...
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