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Name of the college: ______________________________________________________ QUEST 2005-06 PRELIMINARY ROUND: BIOLOGY Write your answers in the boxes provided. 1. Mendel referred to the parental generation in the cross pollination between two true- breeding plants as the _______ generation. a) F1 b) P c) F2 d) P2 2. What is the meaning of the suffix rrhea , as in word diarrhea? a) Flow b) Behind c) Stop d) Digest 3. Which of the following processes requires the involvement of intermediary protein- DNA complexes such as RecA? a) Fermentation b) Genetic recombination c) Non-random mating d) Natural selection 4. The primary effect of the consumption of excess protein beyond the body’s immediate requirement will be a) Excretion of the excess as protein in the urine b) An increase in the storage pool of protein c) An enhancement in the amount of circulating plasma protein d) An increase in the amount of adipose tissue 5. In adipose tissue, insulin stimulates I. Amino acid uptake II. Lipoprotein lipase
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Questions-asked-about-biology-in-Prelim-round-200506 - Name...

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