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Code: 13100 NR Set 1 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD II.B.TECH - I SEMESTER SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATIONS NOVEMBER, 2009 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Time: 3hours Max.Marks:80 Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks - - - 1. a) How many types of polar effects are exhibited by organic compounds? Explain. b) Discuss the effect of resonance and inductive effect on the following properties. i) Strengths of acids and bases. ii) Reactivity of organic compounds. [8+8] 2. By giving the reaction mechanisms explain the following reactions along with their applications. a) Elemen son’s reduction b) Benzoin condensation. [8+8] 3. Explain the following reaction by giving the name of the reaction, mechanism and applications. a) 65 3 C H OH CHcl NaoH ++ ⎯ H CHO CH COOH +⎯ H CH CHBr = b) C [ 8 + 8 ] 3 65 2 2 () alcoholicNH puridine 4. a) Explain sequence rule and its significance. b) Assign R and S configurations to the following enantiomers. i) Glyceraldehydes ii) Lactic acid iii) 1-Bromo – 2-Phenyl – 3- hydroxyl butane. [6+10] 5. a) What are geometrical isomers? Explain their nomenclature. b) Assign E-2 configurations to the following. i) C 65 ii) 23 () CH CBr C CH CHcl =− = iii) () BreH C cl I = [ 6 + 1 0 ] 6. Write short notes on the following. a) Mutarotation b) Glycosides c) Wohl’s degradation d) Kiliani synthesis. [4+4+4+4] 7. Explain the following reactions with mechanisms involved. a) Reaction of Pyridine with sodamide in liquid ammonia.
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27439574-Nr-2100802-Organic-Chemistry - Code 13100 NR Set 1...

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