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ARTICLE REVIEW ON DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE 1 Article Review on Diversity in the Workplace Kathryn Wesley MGT/210 February 23, 2012 Ricky Choate References Roberge, M., Lewicki, R. J., Hietapelto, A., & Abdyldaeva, A. (2011). From Theory to Practice: Recommending Supportive Diversity Practices. Journal of Diversity Management, 6(2), 1-20. The article I chose to write about discusses the importance of diversity in the workplace. It also gives full break down of knowledge on how to not only deal with diversity but ways in which organizations can implement it. It also expresses how managing diversity in organizations is not something that is easy to do (Ployhart, 2006; Richard, Kochan, & McMillan-Capehart, 2002). “This happens because diversity dynamics are frequently a breeding ground for different types of conflicts, such as misunderstandings, discriminatory behaviors, or antisocial behaviors” (Shore, Chung-Herrera, Dean, Ehrhart, Jung, Randel & Singh, 2009; Williams & O'Reilly, 1998). I agree with the opinions in the article because I believe that what these writers are saying is true.
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