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assignment3-fall11-specification v2 - CSc335 (OO Design and...

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CSc335 (OO Design and Programming) Assignment 3 Fall 2011 1 Assignment 3: JavaBoy, part 1 Objective: UML-to-code Assigned: 09/08/2011 in class Due: 09/16/2011, 23:59 PM Overview: In this assignment you will be building the basis of a battle system for an interactive game named JavaBoy . The battle system has already been designed in the form of UML. You will use that UML to make an implemented version in Java code. JavaBoy exists in two environments: a world and a battlefield. The next few assignments will focus on the battlefield, afterwords we'll turn our attention to the JavaBoy world. This is a real time, grid-based system with two opposing teams (red and blue). The blue team will consist of the human controlled player, his/her area, and any projectiles/attacks created by him/her. The red team will consist of enemies, their area, and any projectiles/attacks created by them. The biggest difference between the two teams is that the blue team has only one entity capable of attacking (the Player ) which is human controlled. The red team can have one to three entities capable of attacking and is entirely computer controlled. Design: Your code must conform to our UML diagrams (for the first assignment you’ll receive only one Class Diagram). This means that your code must have only the methods (private helper methods are OK) and only the members and only the classes we specify, using the exact spelling specified in the UML. Any additional or missing features will negatively affect your grade. If you have any non-trivial questions (or see any non-trivial errors in our design), feel free to contact us in office/lab hours, via email or Piazza. Any changes to the project specification will be stated explicitly on the d2l site (so please read it regularly!) Other than that, you are free to
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assignment3-fall11-specification v2 - CSc335 (OO Design and...

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