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Csc 335 (OO Programming and Design) Assignment 6/7 Fall 2011 1 Assignment: JavaBoy, part 4/5 Objective: Exception Handling, Testing and Documentation Assigned: 10/11/2011 Due: 10/23/2011 11:59PM in d2l Purpose: The objective of this assignment is to play around with Java Exceptions, to document our code with JavaDoc and to test it rigorously with JUnit. Overview: In this assignment you'll create a world to run around in. When roaming this world, there's a random chance that a battle will start. The user will also start receiving rewards for winning battles. However if the user loses the battle, the game will end and return to the TitleScreen . This world will be the basis of a new view in the next assignment. These files should be implemented in a package called world. Non-trivial Method Details: In the classes SmallHeal , MediumHeal , and LargeHeal : activateEffect( Navigator ) Heals this Navigator 's Player by 20, 50, and 80 points respectively. In the class Navigator : Navigator() Sets a new Player , a new List < Item >, a new Point at (16,16) for leeway , and a null point for location . In the enum Direction : shift( Point ) Shifts the Point based on the direction it's called upon. For example , Direction.NORTH.shift(new Point(0,0)) returns a Point with coordinates (-1,0) as the Point has been shifted one to the north. opposite()
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assignment67-fall11-specification - Csc 335 (OO Programming...

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