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Writing 1_Lesson 1_Week 5

Writing 1_Lesson 1_Week 5 - Columbus Instrument ITT Online...

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Columbus Instrument April 28, 2011 ITT Online Columbus Instrument The projects of CIC are staffed from the departments following negotiation between the project managers and the department heads. The culture of CIC seems to place little status or authority on the project managers; they are not even permitted to write a
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performance evaluation on project team members. Many projects require that team members be assigned to them on exclusive basis, which means, one person is assigned to a project and remain for about 14 month. These entire situations make CIC to have many problems with the team projects performance; they are operating at less than optimum and having poor developed goals. With this, they allow each team member to make separate and differing interpretation of project objectives. This situation is impeding the willingness of team members to work together and the increase of conflicts. In addition, they are incurring in communication, prioritize, and leadership problems too.
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