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Writing 1_Lesson 2 - the project Signature Antuanet Amores...

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Calcutta’s Metro April 17, 2011 ITT Online Project Title: Calcutta’s Metro Trail Prepared by: Mayor of Calcutta Date: April 17, 2011 Background: The state government and the government of India, since 1949, are looking to improve the transportation in Calcutta. Bidham Chandra Roy, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, was the first to visualize an underground railway. Scope: Calcutta’s Metro construction will create a faster way of transportation for all Calcutta’s citizens.
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Technical Description: Calcutta’s Metro Trail will have 10 miles of track and 17 stations all over the Calcutta City. We need a company that can provide us with the lasts technological equipments to finish this project as soon as possible and safely for our citizens. Timeline: Calcutta’s Metro Trail has to be complete in the next 5 years and the cost of the project should not be over $5 million. All future concerns will be discussed with whoever takes
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Unformatted text preview: the project. Signature: Antuanet Amores – Mayor of Calcutta The problems faced in Calcutta by a poorly designed project were the fact the great disorganization they had from the beginning. Construction began in the city center rather than at one end where the line would be. For lack of properly prepared plans they also had serious problems with delay when started the situations with cable lines and utilities underground. Added to this, did not had good luck. Despite creating a support plan for all workers and projects, medical, housing, schools for children and others, none of this helped to motivate employees. Everything was falling behind and took 23 years and $5 billion to finish this project. Having a good project management and plans, they could end up in a few years and using less money....
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