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Writing 2_Lesson 2_Week 5

Writing 2_Lesson 2_Week 5 - this section is where project...

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Project Plan Analysis April 28, 2011 ITT Online Project Plan Analysis Based on what I learned through this course I can tell that this Project Plan is well developed. This plan started with general information about the people who created. Project Manager defined the scope of the project providing the customer with objectives and purposes of the project and described the project.
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In the scope, it is including all the necessary documentation to start with the project. Example of this is the completion agreement signed by representative of both, company and customer. This plan provides an estimate of how long each part of the project will take. In deliverable part, project manager make sure that the customer receives all the documents where explain targets around which project team must labor. In part VII is clearly specified, using a table, the project roles, responsibilities, and deliverables log. The implementation management tools an important part of the plan. In
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Unformatted text preview: this section is where project manager will be controlling and monitoring the progress of the project. Using a table, the project manager are also shown how the communication will be between the project participants, principals and interested organizations, parties, groups, relatives to items of interest associated with this project. Project manager provides the different methods of communication such as emails, conference calls, phone calls, and face-to-face. This project plan also included Risk Management section to identify and log all the risks and determinate the potential impact on the success of the project. Following this, Quality Assurance and Control, make sure that everything that is using in this project meets the procedures and standards of customers. At the end of the document, project manager provides the Completion Agreement, this document signifies that the implementation has been successfully completed and accepted by customers....
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