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Project Part 1 March 29, 2011 ITT Online Project Part 1 US energy policy has a lot of goals. Citing all of them we have that Congress established maximize the use of electric power generated by sustainable, economic, and environmentally acceptable technologies. Modernize the Nation’s electric transmission grid. Maximize electrification of the transportation sector. Establish visible and substantial national energy efficiency and conservation goals. Employ indigenous
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raw materials to manufacture liquid and gaseous fuels. Build and deploy generating capacity to supply reliable electric service. Provide a long-term commitment to energy research and demonstration. Crude oil price are important in determining gasoline price because crude is the primary raw material used to produce gasoline. The price of crude oil may account for over half the price of gallon of a gasoline. Each gallon is also subject to numerous taxes and fees, which vary by states. For example, in California, the price of gasoline includes a
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