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Writing_Lesson 1_Week 1 - expectations As a visionary a...

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Case Study - In Search of Effective Project Managers March 25, 2011 IIT Online A Project Manager is responsible for influence the project team to get the job done. Successful team leaders are often those who were best able to create the partnership between themselves and their team. Project Managers facing a lot of responsibilities including: 1. Selecting the team 2. Developing project objectives and a plan for execution 3. Performing risk management activities 4. Cost estimating and budgeting
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5. Scheduling 6. Managing resources Examples of qualities and personal characteristics of a successful Project Manager are: Good communicator Good motivator Visionary The Project Managers are constantly highly motivated individuals. They should know how to communicate ideas to the team for a better understanding of projects
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Unformatted text preview: expectations. As a visionary, a Project Managers, have to be positives, open minds, and be prepared to fix the unexpected problems and maintain clear sense of purposes. Examples of personal characteristics that would hamper one’s ability to be a successful Project Manager are: • Set bad examples • Not self-assured • Lacks technical expertise Setting bad examples by the Project Manager, would make that all members of the team take the same bad attitudes. If the Project Manager is not self-assured he will not reflect a good example to be follow by others. As the major leader on a team, manager should know all technical expertise to achieve team goals....
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