Writing_Lesson 2_Week 1

Writing_Lesson 2_Week 1 - them with cost efficiency,...

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Understanding Project Management Organizations March 25, 2011 ITT Online Understanding Project Management Organization Culture and Style may have a strong influence on a projects ability to meet its objectives. The cultural norms include a common knowledge regarding how to approach getting the work done, and who is influence in facilitating the work getting done. Organizational structure is an enterprise environmental factor which can affect the availability of resources and influence how projects are conducted. The organization range is from functional to projective.
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The Project Manager should know about technology. From planning, scheduling, and controlling projects, they need to be up to date with the latest technological tools to help
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Unformatted text preview: them with cost efficiency, strategies positioning, and more. Evaluating the political environment doing a project, help us to consider the potential effect in others. We should identify from whom we will have support, who like to work against us, and address unrealistic targets. Knowing the individuals that are going to receives our ideas; we can better plan our project to meet their expectations. Finally, internationalization in project management can be hard if the project is not focus to the rights customers that include a wide variety of countries. As Project Managers, we should know the background of who will be receiving our project to be successful....
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Writing_Lesson 2_Week 1 - them with cost efficiency,...

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