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BMGT 301 Article Review Assignment Prof. Stewart As you prepare to begin your career after graduation, you should be keeping current on trends and issues in business, especially those related to your major. This assignment is designed to encourage you to do this, and especially to consider the role IT plays in your field. Several questions about how IT impacts various business functions and careers will be posted to the Discussion area on the Blackboard site. Find a recent article (published in 2011-2012) relevant to answering one of these questions. Post a link to the article and a brief summary, about ½ single spaced page, on the course discussion board in Blackboard. Be prepared to give the class a brief summary of the article and why you found it interesting (2-3 minutes, you may or may not be asked to do this). Written and oral summaries should include: 1. the main points in the article 2. an explicit explanation of how the article addresses the question you chose
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Unformatted text preview: 3. why it is important for a business major to know about it 4. why you personally found it interesting You should select articles from respected publications such as: (This is not a complete list – other professional publications or news sources may be used). You should complete this assignment TWO TIMES during the semester. Make sure the article you post has not already been posted under the same question. For each article you post you may earn up to 15 points (for a total of 30 points). Due dates are based on your last name, as follows: Last Name A - H Article 1: submit by 2/9 Article 2: submit by 3/29 Last Name I - R Article 1: submit by 2/23 Article 2: submit by 4/12 Last Name S - Z Article 1: submit by 3/8 Article 2: submit by 4/26...
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