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Unformatted text preview: 12/7/11 My Research: I use satellite observations and computer models of the atmosphere to study the transport of pollution in the atmosphere Prof. Dylan Jones Atmospheric Physicist Department of Physics Office: MP 707B Tel: 416- 978- 4992 email: Group Website: AssimilaOon of MOPITT observaOons of carbon monoxide (CO) March - December 2000 [Assimila(on from the MOPITT team at NCAR] Satellite Observa(ons of Atmospheric Composi(on Electromagne(c Waves MOPITT: Measurement of Pollu(on In The Troposphere •  Launched in December 1999 •  The first satellite instrument designed specifically to measure pollution in the troposphere •  Designed by Prof. Jim Drummond at the University of Toronto •  Is flying on the NASA Terra spacecraft [MicroWorlds, Lawrence Berkeley Na(onal Laboratory] 0.7 μm 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 Measures the emission of infrared radia(on from the carbon monoxide (CO) molecule wavelength PHY132 Content for Classes 1 – 12 •  Waves: Chapters 20 – 21 •  OpOcs: Chapters 22 – 24 •  Electricity and MagneOsm: Chapters 26 – 29 •  ElectromagneOc interacOons are caused by a fundamental property of maYer: maYer contains charges •  ElectromagneOc interacOons represent the dominant interacOons in areas ranging from chemistry to electronics to opOcs and to the way we visually perceive the world 1 ...
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