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Class 3 side ch 21 superposition

Class 3 side ch 21 superposition - PHY132 Introduction to...

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1 PHY132 Introduction to Physics II Class 3 – Outline: Doppler Effect Principle of Superposition Standing Waves on a String Alternate Sitting for Test 1 Students who have a conflict between an academic activity and the upcoming test on Jan. 31 (18:10- 19:30) can now register for the alternate sitting of the test by going to MP129. This cannot be done by email. The alternate sitting will be held at 16:30 on Jan. 31. The deadline for registering is Thursday, Jan. 26, at 17:00. No request for registration will be accepted after that time. The Doppler Effect = vT = v/ f The Doppler Effect The frequencies heard by a stationary observer when the sound source is moving at speed v 0 are The frequencies heard by an observer moving at speed v 0 relative to a stationary sound source emitting frequency f 0 are Chapter 21: Principle of Superposition If two or more waves combine at a given point, the resulting disturbance is the sum of the disturbances of the individual waves.
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